charging the future.

New Energy Metals

we believe

Based in Vancouver, Canada, New Energy Metals is a mineral exploration company focused on the emerging green energy market, which is where we believe the future awaits us. We also believe that new energy metals such as cobalt and copper will continue to make significant contributions to our planet and improve our way of life by serving a sustainable energy technology model. Facilitating many of the most important discoveries and inventions of our modern world – telecommunications, infrastructure, technology and transportation – new energy metals will now power a whole new generation of electric vehicles and technology. The idea that we are working towards charging the future with responsibly-sourced supplies of these commodities is something we believe in, and so can you.

a history of new energy


The first crude electric vehicle is developed.


Toyota introduces the first mass-produced hybrid, the Toyota Prius.


The US Energy Department begins to invest in infrastructure to support charging stations for electric vehicles.


Chile passes a law mandating that 20% of its total energy usage come from renewable sources by 2025.


The International Energy Agency reports that in 2013, renewable power produced almost 22% of electricity worldwide.


Enel Green Power Chile Ltd begins construction on the US $215 million wind farm, Sierra Gorda, which will generate enough energy supply to meet the annual power needs of 130,000 households.


The Chilean Copper Commission publishes their forecast for expected copper production from 2017 – 2028, showing a 13.9% increase in expected production of copper towards 2028 (6.32 million tons).


Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) publishes a report that states corporate purchasing of renewable energy more than doubled from 2017 to 2018.


McKinsey & Company’s Global Energy Perspective states that by 2035, renewable energy will account for more than half of all power generation.

New Energy Metals

we value

A mineral exploration company focused on the emerging green energy market, we are a new company with longstanding values. Compliance, diligence in the field, and accountability are not just words to us, but also words to live by. Dedicated to working exclusively in conflict-free jurisdictions with skilled local labour and good infrastructure, we have focused our acquisition efforts in Chile; a country that has long been recognized as one of the top ten mining jurisdictions in the world.

we create

Forward-looking, we have a highly experience, diversified senior management team with significant expertise in all stages of mineral exploration, project development and finance. Working hard to create meaningful value for our investors, our company’s portfolio includes a number of strategic projects in the cobalt belt of northern Chile. As global demand for more sustainable forms of energy continues to grow, New Energy Metals remains committed to the acquisition of long-life assets through disciplined capital allocation and a long-term vision for the future of cleaner energy.